Tuesday 4 January 2022

O Dearly loved!

I wait,

Nervy, eager, in anticipation

Like the first birth of a child

Heart quivering to clasp him close

Nights bereft of sleep

Like a new mother

 I’ve waited unwearyingly though

My reward, a peck

Or even a firm embrace

Ah how my being aches to fasten

In my eyes, the poise

Of my dearly loved!


I wait for his arrival

Patiently, succumbing

to the inebriety that it is.

I know soon

Would hearts and hands reunite

But grander is the thrill that lay in

sheer waiting


Like the lips of a drunkard

who wait for his

beloved glass of wine

How will you know

the succulent

intoxication of wait,

if you haven’t loved?

Tuesday 7 December 2021


The smile in her voice
deceives the pain in her heart
as he departs on his journey 
Yet, what her heart wants, 
She doesn’t let him know.
Her thoughts are painted with 
The sweet scent of his skin
Her desires, with the return of
The sweet song of his love
Oh loved one, she ponders 
if he would ever taste
This luscious love from another
Whose mind hums only one song?
The wistful music in her poetry though
Betrays her pining heart
As he traverses through the mazes
Yet, what her heart wants,
She doesn’t let him know.

Tuesday 5 October 2021


Nearby but far away, is

my beloved, whom I can’t see


How laborious

To watch hours tick

Like unhurried days

How poignant

this nameless distance

Between Him and me


But can a love so deep

live without wait?


In the briny sea of wait,

dance the salt of love

In every drop

Mingling and melding

Indissoluble and eternal

Like Him and me

Saturday 25 September 2021


Haven’t seen someone this beautiful

I catch a glimpse of her rise at nightfall

She glides up unhurriedly

laughing with the playful clouds

that take on shapes of beards, bears, and owls.


So silent is she even when the world rattles on

The birds chirp about

The crickets talk aloud

But she,

bearing so grandly the light from her consort.


Can one name this eccentric passion?

That neither allows sleep nor waken

Or stay or even leave

Staying, burns. Leaving, kills.


For the heart cries and laughs

Wanting to cleave and shred

Into a million shards

to present to thyne wild spirit


This scream in my interiority

Fancying consuming thou

And not share with another

Even a child


Or a wild electricity

With which I’ll behead

and then proudly kiss thy face

and keep beside when I go to bed.


Children, mine

but not mine.

Born out of another womb

But blessing was mine

For they paved my path to

nourish the mother within

I wept after goodbye

Craftily, so that they don’t see

Just like the clouds that day

With friendship and tenderness in heart

Sad, yet proud of the hope to see

Them, peak as human beings

I’ll miss the yearning I saw in their eyes

The naivety in their presence

And the embraces and tryst with art

Oh! They leave me with such uncertainty

Of when we’ll reunite again

But a mother also waits

So it’s alright.

I wonder then,

Why do I need children of my own?

When I already have

Children, mine

but not mine.

O Dearly loved!

I wait, Nervy, eager, in anticipation Like the first birth of a child Heart quivering to clasp him close Nights bereft of sleep Like a new...